The Hardest Part....for me

The hardest part for me right now, when it comes to being an artist is the situation that occurs when you come up with friends in this industry, and you find yourself torn between your dreams, and the realization that people you started out with may not be the people you end up with. Sometimes it's hard to come to the conclusion that maybe I just want this more, or I have the focus and concentration to ignore distractions, the will power to sacrifice, and the drive to ignore excuses. Some will fall off because they can't keep up with the hours, some simply will find the challenge of constantly only being as hot as your last piece of art too much for their ego to handle. Some you will find are in it to win it, but maybe not in the capacity they so desire. I'm finding it hard to listen to excuses, I'm finding it harder to buy into ideals that do not have my interests at the forefront. I'm finding it easier to do me, see my big picture then ever before. You may be in this situation yourself and don't quite know what to do, don't feel bad, I'm right there with you. You don't want to be the Beyonce, or seen as the reason for group disbandment. When I feel like that sometimes I think of those who had to break out to make it like Busta, Eminem, Jeezy, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill. Those who started in a group, but soon found themselves at the foot of a decision that included turning their back on the ideals of a "group" and taking a step away into solo stardom. I feel like it's now or never right, so just in case I am making the wrong move, It'd would be best anyways as not to bring anyone else down with me, right? RIIIIIGHT lol Thanks for listening...stay tuned S.S.R. (See Skip Rap) Coming Soon