Dancehall Music, The Music of the Future??

Nah I'm not saying Elephant man or Mavado will be the next Jayz lol but I'm saying I feel the creativity in dancehall music way more than hip hop and rap. For one simple simple reason. THEY ALL USE THE SAME FUCKIN BEAT!! lol Now it's kinda come over this way with the birth of mixtapes, but it's never been hyped to a point where in the club they would play Jeezy on a track, and then Ross on the same track, and people get just as hype over each version as they did the one previous. Think about it, we've all heard songs, where the MC is spittin trash but the beat carries the nigga through all 3 verses like a paul bearer. So dancehall DJs, as they are called, DJs meaning the artist or rapper, the actual DJs like disc jockeys are called selectors, weird right lmao but anyways, The DJs have to be that much more creative, cuz the beat is only gonna take him as far as the other dude on the same beat. I got plans to drop a dancehall mixtape with my boy Lord Randolph. I just found this site with alot of Riddims www.dancehallzone.net, check it out, and as always stay tuned! Enjoy the Music

Ever been robbed by a nigga in tight pants? lmao