Dear Michael Jackson

Its funny Michael
How everyone wants
To be just like ya
I guess I shouldve written
I was tryin to get it
To be just like ya
You lived a full life
Made a lot of great songs
Made a boat load of fans
Had rights had wrongs
We all do
But I guess you caught it more
Just because when you show up
People fainted at the door
You got more love than the pope
gods assistant on earth
That statement alone
Shows everyone ya worth
They’ll show everyone ya hearst
I was hopin for another album
That’s what bothers me the worst
I could go back thru ya album
And everythings relatable
It just sucks how the media
Made everything inflatable
I say its bull
But most don’t wanna listen
They questions all the antics
I understood what you was missin
You was workin since 5 or 6
Grown at 13
No time for bday cake
Not enough space in between
Show date to show date
Appeareance to appeareance
I bet at 16 you wondered
What happened to my parents
Joe was busy managing
Moms was doin up hair
It was you all alone
Spotlight on that chair
Sure all ya bros was there
But they depended on you
Without you at the lead
The 5 wouldn't sell 2
Thousand, hundred, a pair
You came out to sing
Rain or shine whatever
Hook game clever
Riffs ingenius
But when you got older
Life seemed meaningless
Thus came the toys
The rides and livestock
You wanted to fill a void
Like we all do, why not
Except we buy shoes
Maybe a new fit
You never had a childhood
And tried to relive it
Id love to the same
And could probably do it too
No ones followin me
Like everyone followed you
Ida moved away too
I wasn't even mad
Who are these people anyway
Joe jackson was your dad
I just hope you felt closure
With the children that you had
I aint sure about your passing
But either way theyre sad
Im not listening to the stories
Refuse to hear reports
Ive got beef with the media
And the pop culture sorts
Michael youre the greatest
And Ive shouldve written sooner
Doesn't make me any better
Than those claimin you’re a gooner
I mean goner, sorry
I swear your honor
Id abide by his code
Make good music
Have fun, get old
That’s what lifes about
And I wont let em keep me down
Signing off Skip
Peace Mike see ya round.