BET Awards

Sooooo I'm sure the trending topics on a lot of search engines will include info from tonight's BET Awards, I was watching something on The Universe while it was on, and everything I've heard about it comes from my hearing it in the other room, commentary from my roomates, and play by play texts from my boy Randy. I didn't want to see it, why? Cuz BET always to F up award shows, and given the recent death of MJ, and them adlibing on the fly, I felt the mockery would be significant lol. Where should I begin? 1st thing that was brought to my attention was that awards were being handed out swiftly, sometimes 2 at a time to make room for the freestyled MJ footage and monolouges. Jaime Foxx came out and committed an awesome FAIL by trying to be funny in regards to someone who just died. FAIL. PAUSE, halt, freeze, all that lol. On a positive note, who's loving you sounded awesome. I went back to the Universe. Soon I hear Beyonce singin a negro spiritual, and I'm thinkin, good job BET, finally, some heritage right? wrong...Come to find out she was singing it in a damn bathing suit...SMH. Fast Forward Heard Jay ripped, Killed Autotune again, and I hope alot of the "rap" niggas in the audience died right there, quietly. lol Good Shit Jay. I heard the night was closed by Drake Weezy and Birdman, I dunno if they did that Always strapped shit, they shouldve that's my shit, and my ringtone by the way, but anyways, from what I heard Drake sat on a stool like he was at cheers or some shit the whole performance, awesome cool tight. Randy put it on the head tho, after watchin several weak performances that night he said "Man watching these dudes, makes you really miss Mike (MJ) even more" and I say Hell Yea. As long as BET is run by Viacom who also owns VH1 and MTV, which funny enough all compete for the same markets, BET will always be a lackluster version of the afor mentioned. I love my people, but don't make stuff for us, without us really having a say in it, ya digg??